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About me

Caroline de Moraes (She/Her) is a mental health speaker. She has a Certification in Wellness Counselling, Life Skills Coaching, Enneagram, Bachelor in Social Communication, and Master in Business Administration. She is co-founder of the International Happiness Summit, where she spoke alongside renowned national and international names. In addition, she volunteered as a therapist at Vancouver Women Health Collective, worked as a facilitator at North Shore Women Center, and is co-founder of Wholehearted Women's Circle.

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Lectures and workshops 

Caroline de Moraes (She/Her) has brought her knowledge via lectures and workshops at:


  • North Shore Women Center - Canada

  • Rhodes Wellness College - Canada

  • The Salvation Army - Canada

  • Luke 15 House - Canada

  • Center for the Study of Happiness - Canada

  • Portal Delaz - Canada

  • Whirlpool S/A - Brazil, Italy, and China

  • International Happiness Summit - Brazil

  • International Enneagram Congress - Brazil

  • Start da Felicidade - RPC/Gshow - Brazil

  • Federal University of Santa Catarina - Brazil

  • State University of Santa Catarina – Brazil

Main topics

Happiness and

mental health

Self-acceptance and Diversity





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Contact me:

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