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Enneagram Program


Find out how I can help you!

I have been guiding people in their personal development with the Enneagram for six years. As a result, I have thousands of hours of experience teaching people how to improve their lives.


This personalized program combines coaching strategies with the Enneagram wisdom to help you achieve what you want. It is an assertive and direct program that will help you change the image you have created of yourself. In addition, it will identify limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential.


I developed the program for those in check with their mental and emotional health and wish to make changes in a specific area of their lives. The Self-Development Enneagram Program is not therapy. Neither should replace it; it is geared towards those looking for more direct strategies to help with structuring, understanding, exploring, and outlining a self-development plan that works based on your personality type.

Main reasons you should look for the
Self-Development Enneagram Program:

Discover your main Talents and Strengths

Self-knowledge and Self-confidence

Develop Leadership Skills

Identify Passion and Purpose

Improve Personal and Professional relations

Professional Growth and Career Change

Find motivation and Stop Procrastination

Problem Solving



The Enneagram

The Enneagram is personality theory and a powerful self-discovery system. Its wisdom and principles bring an understanding of the innermost functions of the mind and are based on the first relationships we have with our families. According to the Enneagram, human habits and perceptions can be divided into nine distinct personality types. The Enneagram offers an evolution path for the way we think, act and feel.


Program Details:


 Identifying your Enneagram personality type (assessment) and your goals for this journey will be our starting point.


Our journey consists of a 60-minute meeting per week for ten weeks.


Between the sessions, I will provide reports, texts, self-observing and practical exercises to help you during this development process.


We will meet via Zoom in a virtual meeting room.

Tokens queda


The total investment for the 10-week Self-Development Enneagram Program is CAD 1,300.00 (One thousand and three hundred Canadian Dollars). You can pay for the complete package or per session (C$ 130 – One hundred and thirty Canadian Dollars) by credit card.


If you live in Brazil, please click here to request the session fees and payment option in Reais.


If you are only interested in finding your Enneagram type or in business workshops, please contact me here.

If you are still unsure if this is a program for you, book a free 20-minute conversation to discuss your doubts. I will be happy to guide you to a decision that will best suit your needs.

See what people think about the 10-week Self-Development Enneagram Program with Caroline de Moraes.

Rosângela Tinti

"In ten sessions, I noticed all my feelings (or almost all of them) that were hidden for a lifetime were surfacing. It showed me a new horizon, and I gained an awareness that I have never had in all these years in my life"

Jaina Sabel Bousfield

“The 10-week program with Caroline de Moraes was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. With her guidance, I was able to understand the ineffective patterns of behaviour I could not change, and after the program, I made all the changes I was looking for. I would start the session with my emotional pains and Caroline would guide me in a way that brought me a lot of relief and growth. Going on this journey with Caroline was the best gift for me and my family's life.”

Luisa Bim

"When I started my journey with Caroline de Moraes, I was feeling confused and discouraged about my professional career, not knowing which way to go. The work we did with the Enneagram approach was essential for me to understand who I am, what I want, and my skills. In addition, I noticed a huge difference in my self-confidence and with Caroline's guidance; I have outlined a career plan and have already made crucial decisions in my life.

Gabriela Mager

“My first contact with the Enneagram was in a course offered by my workplace. It was a four-day immersion in the principles of the Enneagram, which led me to begin of my self-knowledge journey. Since then, I have had counselling sessions with Caroline, who help me understand my reactions and behaviour in my daily life and helped me overcome difficult situations. I also learned to better understand other people's reactions around me. Caroline is an incredible professional who has a lot of knowledge and specific techniques to guide in our search for our true self.”

Tatiana Zanotteli

“I met Caroline de Moraes a few years ago, and was impressed by her empathy. I started following her career and her professional knowledge motivated me to begin our counselling sessions. As the sessions went by, I discovered terrific experiences, knowledge and wisdom that help me to unravel my issue, and live a fluid, light, and beautiful life. Besides that, I learned to be more patient and more careful with myself and my journey. I recognize that it was great meeting Caroline, and I am very grateful for having met her so she can help me live a more mindful life.”

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