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Understand what the Wholehearted group does for you

Wholehearted is a women's circle, designed following the foundations for mental and emotional wellness. Its participants are part of a community supported by pillars such as courage, self-compassion, and meaningful conversations for those who wish to open their hearts in a safe and supportive environment.


In this experience, in addition to deep connections, you will also learn strategies and techniques of grounding, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to develop skills to deal with adverse situations that generate stress and anxiety in your daily life.

How does it work?

There are only 12-15 women per edition.

Weekly meetings of 2 hours, 6 weeks and 12 hours of program in total

Online meetings via Zoom (with in-person meetings whenever allowed).

We will help you:

  • be authentic and vulnerable;

  • strengthen your self-confidence and self-love;

  • be brave and embrace your imperfections;

  • be more compassionate with yourself.

This group is for you if:

  • you are looking for deep and meaningful conversations;

  • want to belong to a group of women who support each other with empathy;

  • want to grow and evolve in your trajectory;

  • is ready to reflect on different aspects of your life.

 Six weeks program and every week we will discuss a different theme:

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Meeting 1

Building the foundations of the group;

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Meeting 2

Emotional well-being - strategies and techniques for a balanced life;

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Meeting 3

Courage and


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Meeting 4



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Meeting 5

Communication and expression;

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Meeting 6


and self-care.

Wholehearted is not a course and is not composed of lectures or classes. It is a Women’s Circle that you will help to co-create. We want to hear what you have to say.


Still, no pressure! Some people are not comfortable with exposure and, therefore, resist being part of support groups. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable being your true self.

About the facilitators:

Isabel Arruda

is a Life Coach certified by Rhodes Wellness College - Canada. An experienced journalist, she worked for 12 years with audiovisual entertainment production, acting as an executive producer, at TV Globo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today, Isabel operates in the human development market, with focus on immigrants. She provides individual assistance through coaching methodology, facilitates mentoring groups and workshops. She is a writer and lecturer and has served as an assistant professor at Rhodes Wellness College Canada. She believes self-knowledge is a path to transformation and a more authentic, light and happy life.

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Caroline de Moraes

is a certified in Wellness Counsellor and Life Skills Coach by Rhodes Wellness College. She also has completed the International Accreditation in Enneagram by Awareness to Action USA and is a co-founder of the International Happiness Summit. Today, she helps people in different parts of the world to change the way they look at themselves by expanding self-awareness and self-confidence. She is a speaker, facilitates courses, workshops and emotional support groups for women in Brazil and Canada.


Our responsibilities and commitments facilitating this group:

  • Guide participants, promote in-depth discussions, raise awareness to self-knowledge, provides skill-development exercises, brings new content and activities on the topic;

  • Create a safe space for personal exposure and group discussions;

  • Provide emotional support, information, resources and references to participants.

Are you ready to live a meaningful life? Being more focused on you; and less on the others? Are you ready to increase your courage and self-confidence?

Join us! Sign up now and save your spot!


The next edition starts in October 2021. Get on the waiting list to receive information as soon as registration opens!

We are a family-owned and operated business.

We are waiting for you :)

Wholehearted waiting list


What women are saying about the Wholehearted group

Lucia Green

"Come in slowly and take off your shoes. Find a comfortable place to sit. You will feel discomfort, it may hurt a little, but it will be good. In this circle, we create a group connection, a source of pure and crystalline energy. Suddenly, you are on the edge of a cliff, you look down and see a waterfall. You throw yourself; you fall and submerge to the bottom and overflow to be the woman who lives inside you today.”

Rebeca Souza

"What an experience! Being part of this group was just incredible. To be wholehearted is to walk into the light and discover beautiful and powerful women smiling, with open arms, to welcome you. I leave happy, renewed, fulfilled and full of desire to get THERE, wherever THERE is Gratitude! "

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