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I'll teach you how to create a meaningful life.

"Our wounds are often the openings to the best and most beautiful parts of us." David Richo

     Free e-book - The Ennegram System

Discover the nine types of personalities

(for now, only available in Portuguese)

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What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram is a personality theory and a powerful self-discovery system. Its wisdom and principles bring an understanding of the innermost functions of the mind and are based on the first relationships we have with our families. According to Enneagram, human habits and perceptions can be divided into nine distinct personality types. The Enneagram offers an evolution path for a new way to think, act, and feel.


About me

I believe human beings are able to change their lives. We all have skills, talents, virtues, and a system of inner wisdom to guide us in the direction we want to go. My goal is to help you find these strengths through a structured and transformational process.

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Motivate people is one of my favourite things. It doesn’t matter if I am in a one-on-one session or speaking to 2,000 people; I still have the same mission to inspire and help people to find hope. 

I have spoken at many corporate events, worked as a talk show moderator, and gave speeches next to very renowned international speakers in two editions of the International Happiness Summit. I will bring insights and knowledge that will deeply touch everyone in the audience.

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